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Emanates also has support for post comments through utterances. It is not very hard to set it up, just a few steps and you're good to go. Everything else (like color theme etc) is handled by Emanates itself.

How does utterances work?#

Utterances is built on top of GitHub Issues as well. For every post, utterance opens a new issue and all the comments to that post are basically comments on that issue.

Only condition for this is that the repository will have to be Public.

Why not just use the emanates repo for comments as well?

This is because Emanates allows users to have a private repo, however utterances requires a public repo, so it's best to keep them distinct.

Set it up#

Setting up utterances just requires three steps to be followed:


Following steps are directly from the utteracnes website

  1. Make sure the repo is public, otherwise your readers will not be able to view the issues/comments.
  2. Make sure the utterances app is installed on the repo, otherwise users will not be able to post comments.
  3. If your repo is a fork, navigate to its settings tab and confirm the issues feature is turned on.

That's it. Once the above three steps are done, just update the config with the repo.

modules.export = {    ...    commentsRepo: "username/reponame"}

The repo should be in the form of username/reponame. Don't include the github domain or other things.


In order to disable comments, just set the value of commentsRepo as null.